Lady Lucy

Our journey with mi-kis began with  this picture of a Mi-Ki in a magazine.   Lady Lucy is  my vision of what an ideal mi-ki should look like.   She was bred by Pat Addington in New Jersey.   

Our first two mi-ki's - born in Pennsylvania at
Winding Creeks Farm.  


Princess Josephine

Hubby and I still talk about the night that Abra and Josie came to live with us.  They travelled all the way across the country ... from the east coast all the way to California.  Even still they were the sweetest little things.  Once we got them home and settled in ... we sat down to watch and from that moment we were hooked.  


Gregarious!   Playful!  Intelligent!   Kind!    Everything that we had read and were told ... all true! 


Abra-ka-dabra continues on as the QUEEEN at Brumby's Run.   She is, without-a-doubt, my doggy heart.  



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